After Vordikai
Dead cyclopses


The heroes confront Vordakai in the Spire of Death.

Spire of the Dead

Having previously passed the undead cyclops guardian of the deadlands the Triumvirs find a spire at the base of a waterfall that rises into the sky. Atop the spire is an plateau from whence smoke signals arise.

Assault on Varnhold
Spriggans have the hold...


Spriggins and wolves have taken the Varnhold, and they must be ousted.


When facing the final Spriggan leader he grew to immense proportions and with two mighty staggering blows killed Marmax Highborn.

Raising Esara
A turn in faith

With meticulous care Marmax Highborn gathers Triumvir Esara’s writings and musings regaring the Empyeral Lord Arshea. Then summong the half celestial Mighty Horn he tasks the mythical beast with delivering Esara’s musings and his own handwritten note to Arshea so that the Empyreal Lord might send a being capable of raising the beautiful Triumvir.
Esara awaits the Chalkydri as her handmaidens keep vigil over her fallen form.

Headed toward Varnhold the Trimuvirs encounter many natural waterfalls and picturesque scenery. They also find an abandoned fort. Pressing on they visit Nivakta’s Crossing. A town of trappers and expanding fur trade.

Rumors of Nivakta’s Crossing

1 “The Nomen Centaurs of the Dunsward are violent and territorial. If you’re going to visit them, make sure you don’t make any sudden moves when one of their war parties approaches you.”

2 “The Nomen Centaurs eat humans. I suppose that’s not technically cannibalism, but it’s still pretty horrible!

3 “A tribe of spriggans lives in the Tors somewhere. They’ve been at war with the Nomen centaurs for as long as anyone, I reckon. Rumor holds that the current spriggan chieftain stole a magic bow from the centaurs quite a few years ago, and that’s what started the whole fight between them. I also hear that the spriggans worship some dark god that grants them power on the battlefield.”

4 “A giant bird lives in the ruins of an old tower on Talon Peak. My boys and I are setting out to tomorrow to snatch one of its eggs for an omelet cooking competition run by some fool down in Sellenmar.”

Traveling on…
South of Nivakta’s Crossing the heroes find body of Tomen Habaki and family broach.

Varnhold Vanishes
Gone baby gone...

On the way to Varnhold the Triumvirs are surprised by a great draconic creature called a Peluda according to their Herald Eruien. During the battle both Jorran and Esara were gravely injured but continued to fight. As the powerful poison coursed through their veins they continued to support Marmax and Damian. Finally the poison brought Jorran low and he fell before the great beast. Marmax in tactical retreat and Damian’s morale faltering, Esara knew she had to keep fighting. With the last of her strength she drew her bow and fired. The arrow bounced off its thick hide impotently. Brought to her knees by the power of the poison and the death of Jorran she reach back. Her hand shaking, her breath raspy, she knocked the arrow and pulled back the string with everything she had. As the arrow streaked from the bow she fell to the ground. The arrow struck the beast in the chest, with a howl of anger and desperation it fell to the ground dead.

Ariane the Chirurgeon rushed to Esara’s side. Cradling her head she administers the antitoxin. Marmax and Damian scramble to Esara’s side. They muster all the healing magic they can for Esara. Her wounds are gone, her skin once again unblemished from the horrors of the battle, but It comes too late. With a final haggard breath she’s gone. Quickly, Ariane uses a scroll of Gentle Repose on her late Lady, they know that she can be brought back by Jhod Kevkin in Sentry.

Into the Cavern

Clearing cavern the Triumvirs kill some spiders and rescue a baby cub owlbear.
The Triumvirs also find a dead human who has a cursed ring of animal friendship that causes the charmed beast to attack wearer and the nearest settlement.
A deadly green slime trap and a battle with a shambling mound and centipede swarm.
A secret chimney leads higher up and leads to an ettercap den. The Triumvirs fight valiantly and rid the den of the ettercaps.
The people of Trimere rejoice at the great deeds of the Triumvirs, and there is much rejoicing.

Owlbear rising

In search of the giant owlbear that ravaged Senty the heroes enter his den. A violent encounter with the violet fungi at the mouth of the den ensues. Soon the beast itself joins the fray.

Sealed Record
Someone might have died

All records have been sealed by order of Triumvir Damian.

Assault on Troll Mountain
They are big, green, and hairy...

Exploring the far southwest of the Greenbelt the Triumvirate finds the troll den. Within they find all manner of horrible trolls and Trollhounds,
Capturing one troll called Indifferent, the heroes learn the two headed troll called Hargulka helped by Nargrundi rules the troll den. A rock troll called Kardgadd is also present.
Setting a cunning trap the Triumvirs find Nargrundi and use Esara’s illuson and Marmax’s bluff skills to lure him part of the way to the ambush, but his twin pair of eyes see the waiting heroes.


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