Raising Esara

A turn in faith

With meticulous care Marmax Highborn gathers Triumvir Esara’s writings and musings regaring the Empyeral Lord Arshea. Then summong the half celestial Mighty Horn he tasks the mythical beast with delivering Esara’s musings and his own handwritten note to Arshea so that the Empyreal Lord might send a being capable of raising the beautiful Triumvir.
Esara awaits the Chalkydri as her handmaidens keep vigil over her fallen form.

Headed toward Varnhold the Trimuvirs encounter many natural waterfalls and picturesque scenery. They also find an abandoned fort. Pressing on they visit Nivakta’s Crossing. A town of trappers and expanding fur trade.

Rumors of Nivakta’s Crossing

1 “The Nomen Centaurs of the Dunsward are violent and territorial. If you’re going to visit them, make sure you don’t make any sudden moves when one of their war parties approaches you.”

2 “The Nomen Centaurs eat humans. I suppose that’s not technically cannibalism, but it’s still pretty horrible!

3 “A tribe of spriggans lives in the Tors somewhere. They’ve been at war with the Nomen centaurs for as long as anyone, I reckon. Rumor holds that the current spriggan chieftain stole a magic bow from the centaurs quite a few years ago, and that’s what started the whole fight between them. I also hear that the spriggans worship some dark god that grants them power on the battlefield.”

4 “A giant bird lives in the ruins of an old tower on Talon Peak. My boys and I are setting out to tomorrow to snatch one of its eggs for an omelet cooking competition run by some fool down in Sellenmar.”

Traveling on…
South of Nivakta’s Crossing the heroes find body of Tomen Habaki and family broach.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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