Varnhold Vanishes

Gone baby gone...

On the way to Varnhold the Triumvirs are surprised by a great draconic creature called a Peluda according to their Herald Eruien. During the battle both Jorran and Esara were gravely injured but continued to fight. As the powerful poison coursed through their veins they continued to support Marmax and Damian. Finally the poison brought Jorran low and he fell before the great beast. Marmax in tactical retreat and Damian’s morale faltering, Esara knew she had to keep fighting. With the last of her strength she drew her bow and fired. The arrow bounced off its thick hide impotently. Brought to her knees by the power of the poison and the death of Jorran she reach back. Her hand shaking, her breath raspy, she knocked the arrow and pulled back the string with everything she had. As the arrow streaked from the bow she fell to the ground. The arrow struck the beast in the chest, with a howl of anger and desperation it fell to the ground dead.

Ariane the Chirurgeon rushed to Esara’s side. Cradling her head she administers the antitoxin. Marmax and Damian scramble to Esara’s side. They muster all the healing magic they can for Esara. Her wounds are gone, her skin once again unblemished from the horrors of the battle, but It comes too late. With a final haggard breath she’s gone. Quickly, Ariane uses a scroll of Gentle Repose on her late Lady, they know that she can be brought back by Jhod Kevkin in Sentry.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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