She grew up on the streets of a large city in Brevoy. She was the offspring a peasant woman and a dark elf brigand. She never knew either parent as she was raised by a priestess of calistria who ran an orphanage. She never fit in anywhere but out in the forest where the color of your skin didn’t matter. Ahlyrae had amazing eyesight and a gift with the bow. She figured it was due to her elven heritage. She learned from an early age how to blend into the city and avoid being seen. After reaching adulthood, she stayed with the priestess and helped run the orphanage until one evening when she returned home from one of her day trips to the countryside. Someone had slain her foster-mother and taken the children. Amidst tears of despair and anger, she vowed to protect the innocent and hunt down those who would harm or exploit those who couldn’t protect themselves. She moved from city to city, laying low many of the predacious dregs of society that would harm innocents. She heard of a kingdom to the south led by a triumvirate. These three had led a three person expedition to the greenbelt and made it safe again for people to live there. In particular, one of the triumvirs inspired her. Esara was said to be the most beautiful creatures in the River Kingdoms. It is said her voice could sway the nine-hells. This Esara could also blend magic, dancing, and bladework into a dance of death wearing no a shred of protective armor. Her fearlessness, compassion, and love for her people enticed Ahlyrae to pledge her fealty and life to Esara.


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