Chivane Red-Mantis

Marshall of Trimere, cruel, mantis lover




Chivane had little connection to the Triumvirs, but when Trimere was created they needed “a warm body,” Chivane was available and skilled in wilderness survival, she appealed to Damien’s taste for beautiful women. In addition her elfin nature appealed to Esara.

In her short time as Marshall she has gained a reputation for almost sadistic cruelty for those who violate the laws in the wilderness or those who don’t respect Trimere’s ever expanding borders.

Part of her fearsome and growing reputation revolves around her love for the mantis and the growing belief that she kills her lovers in the throws of climax just as the female preying mantis does. No one has been able to prove or disprove this rumor as of yet.

Chivane Red-Mantis

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