Triumvir and Mistress of Magics




The forest in which Esara grew up in was bordered by a desert and plains. The community of elves she lived in was by no means large, but well respected by others. Her father was the leader of the city and her mother was a respected leader in magic. Her parents passed their knowledge to their only daughter, diplomacy, grace, and leadership from her father and magic, love, compassion, and beauty from her mother. Overtime, it was expected that Esara would become a great leader. When she matured from childhood, Esara felt smothered by the weight of responsibility that her parents and the community put upon her shoulders. Defying her parents she befriended a half-giant boy that she met near the edge of the forest by her home. They quickly grew close and used the hours together to learn to hunt and spar with blades. Esara used her speed and agility to best her friends more direct attacks using brute strength. Even though the mutual attraction was apparent to both, their love for each other kept them from going any further than awkward moments when one would force the other to the ground during a spar. It was those moments that time would stop and her heart would race. She started to look forward to those moments, when they would be close. One day, after he helped her up after one of these moments, he turned away looking at the ground. It was then that he told her that he needed to go away for a while. Esara’s heart shattered, but she could hear in his voice he felt it too. When he turned back to look at her, they both had tears in their eyes. He gently caressed her face with his fingers, then turned and walked away. She stood there looking at his shape fade into the woods. It wasn’t until it was deep into the night that she could force her way home. Everywhere she looked or went, she felt only the pain of her missing love. She gathered what belongings she could and left the forest.


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