Warden of Trimere, Esara's paramour




Left to fend for himself by his giant mother because he was “scrawny”, Jorran was found and raised by a kind farmer. His strength let him contribute around the farm at an early age, but he always felt like he could do something more. Whenever he could he would explore the countryside. One day he came to the edge of the Great Forest. He had been told that no one who enters, returns. He would return every so often a clearing that led into the forest. One day he heard an enchanting voice singing one of the most beautful melodies he’d ever heard. The singing came from within the forest. He needed to find out who was singing, so he entered the forest. As he crept through the undergrowth he came upon a elven girl exploring the forest as she sang. He saw her glance over her should and she stopped singing. “Are you going to introduce yourself or just stare” she said in common that had a hint of an elven accent. He pushed aside the foliage he was hinding behind and slowly approached her. As he got closer he could see she was the most beautiful person he’d ever seen. He felt very self-conscious and awkward. The elven girl didn’t seem to notice or mind that he was entirely uncomfortable. At the end of the conversation, they both realized that they would like to see each other again. From that point on they grew to care for each other and fall in love, however, Jorran knew he wasn’t good enough for Esara. He couldn’t stay, he had to leave. The pain of being so close to someone he loved so much but not able to go any further was too much. After leaving, he couldn’t forgive himself for hurting her so deeply. It wasn’t until he heard of her position in Trimere that he knew he had to see her again, to protect her…

Killed in battle…. read it here.


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