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Bogards and Slurks
Exploration of the forest continued

Exploring the forest we find

Hot Springs
A fifteen foot statue
A Bogard ad Slurk

Brush Thylacene
Dead Unicorn

Assault on the Fort
Daring in darkness

In the night the heroes steal into the fortress of the Stag Lord there in stealth they slay half the defenders before the alarm is raised and then the fight begins. While the Stag Lord’s leftenant’s flee or die, the Stag Lord awaits with his mighty bow. But none can stand against the soon to be Triumvirs and soon his head is shorn from his body. The fort has fallen, a nation to be born in the blood of battle.

Year One

The first year of Trimere passes. Bandits and plauge strike but the Realm emerges stronger under the leadership of the Triumvirate.

Trouble in the south

Merchants complain to the Master of the Purse regarding danger to their caravans in the south. The Triumvirate heads our personally taking the opportunity to explore new lands for Trimere’s acquisition.

Jubilost the map maker and his merry band of gnomes are found in distress and rescued.

Worgs attack the Triumvirate but the last vestiges of the dark in the land are put down.

Ridding the forest of the dreaded scythe Tree the Triumvirate gains the aid of a local dryad and her Satyr cohort. The Satyr, called, Falchos, agrees to become Trimere’s High Emissary.

Attack of the werewolf


Investigating claims of murder around Sentry the heroes track the culprit to a wandering tribesman named Kundal who is a werewolf.

The heroes also investigate the Lonely Barrow where they find undead warriors who can find no rest. There they battle a skeletal warrior who wields great power of negative energy and wields a powerful magical scimitar, now wielded by the Triumvir Esara!

No signs of the trolls as of yet.


Old Crackjaw, Grigori, and the Tendriculous

RUMORS AND EVENTS (Year dwa, summer)
● Rumors of giant turtle, Old Crackjaw destroying fishermen and boats.
● Falchos distributes extra food and beer in foreign cities to demonstrate Trimere’s bounty and attract more settlers.
● Grogori spreads unrest and rumors of excess and negligence by the Triumvirate.
● Trimere receives a diplomatic overture from new nation Barnhold and shared embassies are established. High Emissary Falchos entertains the Barnholders and there is much rejoicing.
● Missing child.
● Compliant about Hoedag.
● Local flirt promises sexual satisfaction if she can see elven artwork from ruins to the south.

MAIN EVENTS (Year dwa, summer)
The Triumvirate organizes a hunting party to slay Old Crackjaw. After a challenging bout of battling on the water the giant turtle is slain.

Grigori confronts the Triumvirate in public. He has a crowd sympathizing with this insolent fool. A fierce debate in public ensues as Easra points out that the Triumvirate has slain many beasts in the defense of the Realm and Marmax highlights the prosperity Trimere and its citizens are enjoying. Esara and Marmax use their commanding presence and logic to humiliate Grigori who goes storming off.
Grigori is charged with Sedition, Triumvirs Esara and Damien then decide to make the arrest personally. Sneaking up on Grigori at his in a game of cat and mouse begins as Grigori uses his magic to try and escape, and he succeeds leaving no trace Damien can track and follow! Informing Marmax of their disastrous efforts, Marmax leads the Triumvirate, guards, and local casters on a search of the city as they sought Esara’s arcane mark she had emblazoned on Grogori’s gut.

As morning dawns Grigori had not been found but the Triumvirate waits outside the only open city gate for Sentry and they find him, following further outside the city they ambush the master of sedition. But again Grigori was able to escape Esara and Damien who has snuck up on him. Using his speed magic and invisibility Grigori sped away with only Marmax on horseback chasing him down as Triumvirs Damien and Esara were left far behind. Grigori tries to magically assault Marmax’s steed Rolling Thunder, but Marmax’s faithful steed does not succumb. Marmax flings himself off Rolling Thunder and he and Grigori wrestle on the ground, but Grigori slips free and runs again! This time Marmax runs him down to exhaustion and Grigori collapses. Marmax trusses him up like a captured beast and takes him back to Sentry.

Grigori is subsequently interrogated in the dungeons of Sentry. Grigori hired by agents from Fort Drelev. He left to rot in the Sentry Dunjon.

The Triumvirate continues exploring south of Sentry to find the rumored troll tribe, but while traveling is set upon by a Lucrotta, only Esasra devastatingly quick blades and missiles of magic are able to lay the beast low.

Exploring the Triumvirate finds some natural hot mud pits that have a pungent smell, home of the Tendriculous.
A terrible plant creature that regenerates all but fire damage. It’s tentacles lashed out grabbing the Triumvirs and it swallowed both Marmax and Damien. At different times each of the Triumvirs bordered upon death, but Damien struck with mighty vengeful blows, negative energy lashed out from Damien, and Esara blades kept of her cuts of death.

Marauding Trolls
The Triumvirate squaresoff against the ravaging beasts

RUMORS AND EVENTS (Year dwa, Fall)
● Crop failure
● Lost relics of the buried city are found
● Trolls are killing three freeborn of Trimere. Farms and villages are under attack.
Tracking down the marauding trolls by following the trail of dead peasants and destroyed buildings the Triumvirate catches up with the green skinned destruction mongers. The triumvirate engaged in a mighty battle and the beasts were slain.

Mysterious Keep
The Quickling strikes

At a mysterious castle in the forest a quickling harasses the party along with an assassin vine.

Clearing the keep
Climbing a tower has never been so hard...

Ascending one of the outer towers Esara climbs with alacrity to face the Grimstalker on the room. Marmax fall after his rope is cut, and Damian burns the door.
Facing the elfess in the central tower in deadly combat she bewitches the weak minds of Esara and Damian as she moves her assets in a lithe and seductive dance.


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