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  • Alistair McIntyre

    Cut down before his prime, Alistair began the exploration of the Stolen Lands with Esra and Damian, but alas was felled by a centipede of ginormous proportions.

  • Kressle

    First meet at the bandit camp by the creek, she escaped to be met later at the main bandit fort where she was dispatched with haste.

  • Stag Lord

    Once he rules the Greenbelt with fear and blood, now he rots in the earth having been slain by our valiant heroes. [[Assault on the Fort | Assault on the Fort]]

  • Dovan from Nisroch

    One of the depraved members of the Stag Lord, he was hunted down after a long overland chase and slain in the night with a quick cut to the throat by Esara.

  • Jorran

    Left to fend for himself by his giant mother because he was "scrawny", Jorran was found and raised by a kind farmer. His strength let him contribute around the farm at an early age, but he always felt like he could do something more. Whenever he could …

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