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  • Oleg Leveton

    Oleg Leveton is the middle-aged proprietor and trailblazing restorer of Oleg's Trading Post. He is graying at his temples a bit prematurely for his years. He is gruff at times and fatalistic, but he is uncanny about making good deals.

  • Svetlana Leveton

    Svetlana Leveton, 23, is the lovely blonde wife of Oleg Leveton, a merchant from Restov who she married less than three years ago. She loves cooking, particularly making soups and cultivating herbs and spices. She has a quite impressive spice rack with …

  • Akiros Ismort

    Ex servant of the Stag Lord, Akiros is pleased to have left the bandit life behind and serves Trimere as its Warlord. He feels a natural kinship with Triumvir Marmax due to his martial beliefs, but is not sure what to make of his Triumvir's beliefs about …

  • Falchos

    Recruited by the Triumvirate after they helped ride the Western Wood of the hated Scythe Tree.

  • Jorran

    Left to fend for himself by his giant mother because he was "scrawny", Jorran was found and raised by a kind farmer. His strength let him contribute around the farm at an early age, but he always felt like he could do something more. Whenever he could …

  • Chivane Red-Mantis

    Chivane had little connection to the Triumvirs, but when Trimere was created they needed "a warm body," Chivane was available and skilled in wilderness survival, she appealed to Damien's taste for beautiful women. In addition her elfin nature appealed to …

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