Kingdom of Trimere


Sentry (Capital)
Population: 3,160
Located on the old site of the Staglords seat of power. Sentry is located at the mouth of the Shrike river where it spills into the Tuskwater. The high hills afford it a beautiful vista of the surrounding lands. The Triumvirate have plans that will make Sentry a hub of commerce.

Population: 460
Located on the interior arch of the skunk river, Wyrmkeep was founded as a joint project by the Triumvirate and the current mayor of the city. It’s location provides it natural protection from any attackers as well as making it a major provider of lumber in the region. Wyrmwood is known for it’s quality and strength. The methods the Triumvirate use to harvest the wood around Wyrmkeep is largely unknown, but it is rumored that they have gained the assistance of local fey and druids that affords them an unlimited supply of wood without damaging the forest as a whole.

Population: 360
Liberated from a malicious fey creature. Feywald is an ancient elven keep, ravaged by nature. It now houses many of the elven migrants believed to have been summoned by Lady Esara from her homelands. It is largely forbidden for non-elven citizens to enter the lands around Feywald as the citizens of this city are deep in the process of restoration of this ancient elven site. It is believed that the Blackguard Wolfriders call Feywald their home.

Population: 560
Largely unknown to any but the Triumvirate. Stormhold houses a secret beneath it’s mundane surface. The sootscale caverns have been excavated and turned into a great warmachine. Foundries, forges, and exotic artisans turn out great magical and masterwork armor and arms in the name of Trimere and the Triumvirate. A closely guarded project has been under way for months now, the culmination of which only the Triumvirate knows.

Four (4) small villages
Population: 530 (combined)
These villages provide the important resource of food and goods which keep the emerging armies of the Triumvirate fed.

Kingdom of Trimere

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