Titles of the Realm


Tonguelord – Title given to those who are members of the close council but not a Triumvir.
Master of the Purse – Treasurer
High Councilor
Warlord – Leader of the Realm’s armies.
Marshall – Enforces laws in remote areas and secures the Realms’ border.
Custodian of Souls – Highpriest
Warden of Trimere – Enforces the laws in major settlements and protects the Triumvirs.

Holdlord – Title given to the leader of a small settlement. A noble but civilian position with no autority of the Army of the Realm.

Greatlord – Title given to one who governs multiple settlements. A noble but civilian position with no authority of the Army of the Realm.

Warlord (Commands the army of Trimere when no Triumvir present)
Tribune (In change of 499 men, or special appointment)
Highblade (In charge of 49 men)
Lowblade (In charge of 9 goldcloaks)
Goldcloak (common soldier)

Titles of the Realm

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