Realm exploration continues

Five heads are better than one...?


Exploring the southern reaches of the Greenbelt the Triumvirs are beset by a ferocious Hydra. A fierce battle ensues the hydra is slain, and he is animated and sent to guard the Lonely Barrow.

A brief encounter with a sorcerorous werewolf is over before it began as the wolf flees at top speed using dimension door to flee across the Shrike River.

A few days later the Triumvirs find the hill giant Munguk. Munguk who likes alcohol is persuaded by the pretty elf and he tells us the direction of the Troll cave, In an effort to befriend Munguk the Triumvirs head north to Smooth Stone Quarry and spend an evening with the quarrymen. In fact Esara performs dancing and singing for the quarrymen to the tune of sultry music played by quarryman Gargaan. In the morning the Triumvirs leave with moonshine in hand, but Jorran seems angry for some reason.
Headed into the deep forests southwest of Trimere the Triumvirate finds the forest drake that has been plauging the lands.

Bestride Rolling Thunder Marmax rises from the ground walking upon the air. Zigzagging away from the Drake and then moving in poised to strike, the Drake lashes out in deadly ferocity. Marmax is sorely wounded and his mind is numbed by the force of the blow. As Jorran, Esara, and Damian fire arrows from below, Marmax is struck again by mouth and tail and is in dire health. With healing acumen Marmax recovers arming shield and instigating his wand of blessed healing, the battle rages on. Fearing for his existence the Forest Drake flees the battle but Marmax upon rolling thunder moves ahead. Then Marmax whacks the Drake with his mace as the drake passes by. In a death defying fight the drake breathes acid upon the flying duo and flies on with great celerity. Marmax lets forth a wave of healing energy lifting his and Rolling Thunder’s spirits. Then Rolling Thunder charges and his hoof blow fells the drake which tumbles from the sky.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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