Marmax Highborn

Triumvir, Loyal, Fearsome, Unrelenting


Marmax Highborn
Male Highborn Cleric of Gorum
CN Medium humanoid (human, orc)


Marmax has lived in multiple human and orc communities rarely staying long or putting down roots.

Marmax’s mother was raped by a human bandit. The Orcess had been captured by a group of raiders who had not been to any human settlements for some time. When the moonshine and lack of human female campanionshp was at its worst a couple of the bandits forced themselves on Marmax’s mother.

Marmax’s orc mother eventually escaped her human bandit captors and after she had recovered from her degradations she hunted the men who had abused her so violently. By the time she caught up with the human who had sired Marmax he had retired from banditry and was working as a laborer in a human town. Marmax’s mother slew him publically and she was sentenced to death for the murder of a human, none would listen to the story of captivity and depredation she had suffered at the hands of Marmax’s father.

The Mercenary takes in a fellow Highborn
When only a pre-adolescent Marmax was taken on for a time by another Highborn named Blackfist. A renowned mercenary and priest of Gorum, he led a band of sell swords that had humans, orcs, highborn, and a few other races within it. Marmax served as his servant/squire. A consummate professional mercenary Blackfist’s Band was much sought after.

In a mysterious turn of events, however, one day while at camp a dragon attacked the band decimating its ranks. When the confusion and death subsided Blackfist’s body could not be found. The dispirited few survivors went their separate ways including Marmax who was crushed to have lost his mentor. Why and where the dragon came from remains as a great mystery, although some said one of Blackfist’s old enemies employed the beast, other said it was a jealous rival.

The Burning
For a time Marmax fell in with the Bloodreaver orc tribe. It was here that he spent time as a shaman’s apprentice. There were a few other highborn within the tribe and the most beautiful of which was Esra. Marmax is a naturally likable fellow and of course Esra was smitten with Marmax and his charismatic ways, as well as caught up in Marmax’s vision of the Highborn as the next great race of Golarion.

For a time Esra and Marmax enjoyed their love and each other and its youthful exuberance. As time passed, however, and Esra and Marmax were on the cusp of young adulthood the tribal chief Vakken began to greatly desire Esra ever increasing female charms.

Vakken ordered the tribal shaman and Marmax’s master to send young Marmax on a deadly quest as a rite of passage against the mad dwarf of Axefell pass, an old enemy of the Bloodreaver tribe.

Upon his unexpected and seemingly victorious return Marmax found Esra as Vakken’s newest consort. Esra having grown accustomed to the wealth, power, and privilege of being the chieftain’s consort, rebuffed Marmax’s renewed attentions.

Enraged Marmax confronted Vakken, but Vakken and his loyal brutes orc-handled Marmax with ease greatly outnumbering him, however, since Marmax had just removed The Mad Dwarf and opened up Axefell pass to the tribe Vakken was unable to kill Marmax outright due to the great service he had done for the tribe. Marmax was banished.

Overcome with grief, loss, jealously, and most of all the breach of loyalty by Esra and his master, Marmax struck back. Using a necklace of fireballs he had gained from the Mad Dwarf he struck the Bloodreaver tribe. First stealing in at night and killing his old master in his sleep, he killed many until the alarm was raised. He fought hand to hand at first killing many until it seemed he would be overrun. Then he summoned fireball after fireball to destroy Vakken’s thugs and of course slaughtering many orc females and children in the fiery process. Saving the most powerful fireball for last he watched Vakken finally emerge from his tent until then unflamed, with Esra half clothed coming into the hellish night to witness the flames of destruction. Marmax’s and Esra’s eyes met across the fiery night. It was then Marmax threw the final fireballs and watched Esra’s beauty melt away and Vakken turn into a chary corpse.

The Iron Lord commands Marmax to take the Holy Vows of Battle
Since his time with Blackfist, Gorum had always been close to Marmax, however, it was after the affair of the Bloodreaver clan it seems the Lord of Battle took more direct action. Having been conceived by the brutality of humanity and betrayed by the disloyal and jealousy or orcs, it became clear that neither race was worthy of dominance in Galorion.

Marmax wandered the earth seeking challenge after challenge, battle after battle, many enemies were slain at his feet, however, one rainy muddy day he fought a warrior encased in iron. No matter how Marmax strived he could not best this foe and he was hammered into the ground. When near total exhaustion Marmax begged for the identity of the one who he could not beat. Lifting his visor the warrior revealed the face of a Highborn and in that face Marmax saw Gorum himself. From that day forth Marmax has dedicated his life to Gorum, battle, and the raising of the Highborn to their proper place in the world.

Marmax Highborn

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